Robert FerrucciRob’s workshop guides professionals through the process of designing and delivering an effective presentation.  Using Rob’s 9 step process participants will design a well organized presentation that grabs and holds the attention of the audience. But more than that, professionals will learn and utilize research based techniques that will make the presentation persuasive. After working through the 9 step process and leaving with detailed notes and instructions attendees will be able to replicate the process and create powerful and persuasive presentations on their own.

Participants will learn:

  • Why persuasive presentations give professionals a competitive edge
  • How to use the 9 step process to create a persuasive presentation
  • How to open the presentation with attention grabbing techniques
  • How to close the presentation so that the audience will remember your key points
  • Research based persuasion techniques to drive the audience to the objective
  • Speech delivery skills through actually delivering their workshop presentation
  • Immediate feedback on their workshop presentation content, organization and delivery
  • How to practice for the big presentation
  • How to use power point within the persuasive presentation

These workshops are highly interactive and engaging yet at the same time Rob is an encouraging teacher who creates a low pressure environment.  Participants not only enjoy the experience but will leave ready to deliver highly effective presentations that will give them and their company a competitive edge.