What if your prospect designed your sales presentation for you?

For many people the most difficult aspect of a presentation is writing it. Where to begin? What to include? What to leave out?

How great would it be to have someone else write your presentation for you? How about having your prospect do it?

What if your prospect designed your sales presentation?

What if your prospect designed your sales presentation?

I recently joined a sales representative on a call with the CFO of a mid-sized health care company. The sales person did an excellent job of asking questions and probing for issues. In the course of the conversation he learned that her current vendor had recently asked for a significant price increase, and while she was able to negotiate a reduced increase, the attempt in and of itself made her uncomfortable about the relationship.

In asking about the current process the sales person learned that while it was “working fine” from the prospect’s perspective there were improvements that he could bring that would increase efficiency.

Finally, the prospect complained about a specific aspect of the supply chain that had to be handled “off line” with a process all its own because of unique regulatory requirements. Again, an issue the sales person would be able to eliminate.

The prospect was sufficiently interested to agree to schedule another meeting that would include the rest of her team and a formal proposal from the sales person.

After the call the sales representative and I discussed the next meeting and how he would kick it off with a presentation for the prospect and her team. As we discussed what the content of the presentation should include I pointed out to him that the three key reasons the prospect should buy from him, the same key reasons that would be the heart of his presentation, had already been determined for him by the prospect.

His presentation would be centered on providing evidence that proved to the prospect that he could 1) deliver the price stability that she was not receiving from her current vendor 2) automate and improve aspects of her process that she thought were “fine” and 3) provide an automated process for managing the product that had unique handling requirements.

By asking effective questions the sales person was able to understand the prospect’s issues and in the process he had the body of his presentation designed for him.


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