Three Sales Presentation Mistakes

Tony Robbins has said “the meeting of preparation with opportunity generates the offspring we call luck.”

If you’ve been selling your product or service for any number of years you probably consider yourself an expert in that field.  And well you should.  But sometimes that kind of confidence can lead to complacency. I believe that is why so many sales professionals are so ill prepared for sales presentations – despite the tremendous opportunity those presentations typically represent.

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Preparation plus opportunity brings luck

 Here are three common sales presentation mistakes that can all be avoided with some preparation.

1) Not having a clear objective. This means not only knowing in your own mind exactly what you plan to achieve with your presentation, but it also means making it clear to the audience what you plan to achieve with your presentation. Put some thought to the outcome you want to come about as a result of the sales presentation. 

2) Not practicing. It’s amazing how many sales professionals deliver key sales presentations without practicing. And practicing your presentation means more than simply reviewing your power point slides (I covered that in more detail here). It means delivering the presentation out loud as if it’s the real thing. Delivering your presentation just a handful of times before you deliver it for the audience will make a tremendous difference and will dramatically improve your sales presentation. 

3) Not being persuasive. Too often sales professionals design presentations that are nothing more than a transfer of information. The result is a series of statistics about the company or facts about the product. Instead sales people should be making an intelligent case for why the prospect should be transitioning to their service or buying their product.

Every sales call is an opportunity that deserves preparation and, as Tony Robbins says,  if you put the time in to prepare you’ll find your luck improving.

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