This technique turned my sales call around

It was my third meeting with the prospect and there were new players in the room. We were really digging into the proposal as the prospect wanted to understand the fee structure and cost savings. They were a skeptical group as they had been burned by a number of previous vendors who surprised them down the road with never before mentioned fees and costs.

I was doing my best to show them that the math worked, that there really were savings. And also working to increase their trust and comfort level. I was making some progress but it was uphill and slow.

We were well past the one hour mark when it occurred to me to ask if they wanted to see a demo of the on line system I was proposing for them. Some members of the decision team had seen the demo, others hadn’t and I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate since this meeting was focused on the proposal. But, to my surprise, they readily agreed.

It took a few minutes to set up but once I was on line I was able to show them the system’s features and functions. I showed them how the technology would improve their process, save them time and increase their ability to track inventory and usage.

And a funny thing happened, the resistance began to drop. There were still questions about certain aspects of the deal and contract language that needed to be adjusted – but the change in the room was palpable. Suddenly it began to feel like we were moving in the right direction and moving at a much faster pace. There were about two more weeks of back and forth via email and phone regarding contract language but the deal did close and we’ll begin implementation this month.

So here’s the lesson I learned, whenever possible don’t just tell  the customer what you can do for them but show  the customer what you can do for them. Making a demo part of the sales presentation or sales conversation will go a long way towards bringing that prospect across the finish line.

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