The most common PowerPoint mistake of all time

Many mistakes are made when it comes to PowerPoint and more often than not the tool is used in ways that hurt more than help a presentation. But this blog is about the most common mistake you’ll see in the misuse of power point.

I say that because I can honestly tell you that I’ve seen this mistake made in almost every presentation I’ve ever seen. In fact, I’ve seen professional speakers make this mistake. I can even say that I once saw a public speaking coach make this mistake.

This is despite the fact that it is so easy to avoid – never show a slide that makes all of your bullet points visible at the same time. If all of your bullet points are visible at once you can know for certain that the audience will read ahead of you and while you are talking about bullet point number one they will be reading bullet point numbers two and three. And if point number three is of interest to them then that’s what they will be thinking about until you get there – which means they are not listening to you.

So use the animation function to pull up your points one at a time (in addition keep those bullet points to just a key word or two). In this way you are hiding from the audience what you are not talking about and only showing them what you are talking about and so you control the flow of the presentation/conversation and keep the audience with you.

Avoiding this most common mistake is one step toward using slides that will help rather than hurt your presentation.


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