The Importance of the Elevator Speech

I spent all day at a trade show last week. I’m glad I don’t do them often. Being on your feet all day and making about 100 mini-presentations is very tiring. But the experience sure drove home the importance of having an elevator speech.

I designed an elevator speech / introduction for my cold calls. When I get a stranger on the phone and I need to persuade them to give me a few minutes of their time to hear about my service I don’t have long to do it. I have to be able to tell them what I do and why they should care in about twenty or thirty seconds.

I essentially used that same elevator speech at the trade show. Brian Tracy teaches in his seminars that 90% of salespeople say the first thing that falls out of their mouth. It’s so much more effective to have a well thought out elevator speech – and this is not just important for cold calls and trade shows.

The next time you step in to the elevator and find yourself face to face with your Senior Vice President who asks “so what are up to?” – have something better to say than “oh… the usual stuff.”

Instead, have an elevator speech designed and rehearsed so you can tell that high level executive exactly what you’re up to.

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