“Rob’s techniques will show your sales team how to make their conversations and presentations persuasive and as a result they will close more sales.”  -Charlie Schwartz, VP of Sales

“His training course is simply brilliant as not only is it easy to retain and execute but also fun to learn with him. I strongly recommend his services to companies who want to improve their presentation skills.”  – Dimitri Swietlik, Sales Professional

Rob’s teaching was so practical that we were immediately able to take this knowledge and implement it on the very next sales call with incredibly successful results” -Bala Krishnamurthy, CEO

“He kept things fun and engaging with the audience, and everyone left raving about the presentation ideas he brought to the table. I would highly recommend Rob as a Presentation Coach.”  -Matt Dumont, Sales Professional

“Follow Rob’s directions and you will deliver an outstanding presentation every time. He makes it look effortless – that’s because he practices what he preaches and follows his simple yet powerful advice that engages the audience and gets them to actually listen to what’s being said. Rob’s simple yet highly effective formula will forever change the way you give presentations.” – JoAnn Cueva – Event & Training Coordinator Danbury Chamber of Commerce

“Rob’s presentation was engaging, informative, and kept me interested enough to not even check my phone once for any emails I was missing. Rob speaks with confidence about a topic he obviously knows very well. He was able to turn what could be a dry subject matter into something fun and interesting.”  – Nicole DeRespinis, Director Non-Profit Marketing

“Rob is a great trainer and I was impressed with the methodology he used to deliver the Presentation Skills training.”  -Jean-Pierre Renaud, Sales Professional

“Rob is highly skilled at breaking the art and science of public speaking down into manageable portions.”– Dawn McCaffery, Director Development

“His ability to connect to an audience of any size is outstanding; he translates his skills to a strong coach and mentor role, particularly in the sales space.”  -Kevin Wortman, VP Finance

“Rob is a dynamic and compelling speaker. Any client-facing organization will benefit greatly from Rob’s expertise.”  -Mike Balduino, Account Management Professional

“He knows the speaking process from the inside out. I gladly endorse Rob’s speech training and speaking skills.” -Don Smith, Professional Speaker

“Rob is one of the best speakers I have come across and I highly recommend him!”
Anne Houle, Training Professional

“Rob can help just about any organization to make a difference with their sales success.”– Melanie Dumont, Sales Manager

“What great program! Rob helped me to speak more succinctly and effectively. He has a teaching style that is both patient and encouraging.  -Attorney

I had a big presentation coming and after Rob’s workshop I was able to go back and streamline and strengthen my power point and presentation. Rob’s help made me more confident and my presentation was a success!  -VP of Strategy and Finance

“I highly recommend taking advantage of Rob’s coaching skills…his techniques will make everyone on your team a better and more successful speaker.”  -Entrepreneur, Marketing Consultant

“Rob is a skillful speaker and coach whose teaching techniques are participant friendly as well as effective. He has the ability to evaluate speakers and suggest improvements that yield immediate improvements.”  -Senior Vice President, GE Capital

“Rob delivers one of the most effective sales presentations I’ve ever seen. From his unique approach to power point to his ability to hold the attention of the audience, his sales presentations are a major reason behind his year over year growth.”  -Former VP Sales, Fortune 500 Company

“Rob has successfully coached our organization with great results. His speaking ability and techniques have, without a doubt, helped our entire team.  -Human Resources Director, Telecommunications Company

“It is my pleasure to recommend Rob as a phenomenal speaker and presenter… Rob coached me one-on-one when I was preparing to give a presentation as part of an interview a few years ago. As a testament to his skill, I got the job!  -Senior Manager, Leadership Training and Management Development, Fortune 500 Retailer

“Rob trained our senior class to deliver persuasive presentations. The students were up and speaking within minutes and actually had fun doing it! We’ve already scheduled to have Rob back.”  -Administrator, Private High School

“My Academic Decathlon students were preparing for competition and Rob trained the group to prepare and deliver a competition presentation. The students medaled most heavily in the speech and interview categories and won State!”  -College Professor