No, sales is not “all about listening”

Being a sales presentation coach I am focused on helping sales people be more effective when they are doing the talking. As a result, I am often reminded by other sales people that sales is “all about listening” that it’s “all about asking questions” that I have “two ears and one mouth and I should […]

How to deliver a sales presentation over coffee

A prospect recently agreed to meet with me thanks to a reference from a long time customer who is in the same industry. It would be a casual one on one conversation over coffee. No room for power point or a formal sales presentation. Since they were in the same industry I knew that this […]

How to deliver a sales presentation to an audience of one

A common objection from people who sell to a single decision maker is: “I sell one on one so I don’t deliver formal presentations. I sell with conversations.” Last week I was scheduled to sit down with a single decision maker to review my proposal. We had met previously three times and had discussed his […]

Try this exercise and develop a powerful presentation pause

Do you pause during your presentations? Or do you breathlessly deliver every word as fast as you can like a runaway locomotive (read about the fast talker here)? Or maybe you fill up every potential moment of silence with an “um” or a “you know” (read about that form of verbal abuse here)? Below is […]

How your power point deck can serve two purposes

I’m a strong proponent of simplicity when it comes to power point slides. I teach that slides should be mostly image based with headlines or bullet points that are no more than a key word or short phrase. A very simple graph or chart can be effective as well.  The key is that you are […]

3 steps to hold attention with your next presentation

Years ago my sales manager and I were pursuing an account and were given the opportunity to present our offering to the key decision makers. A few minutes into my boss’s presentation some of those decision makers started checking their watches, their blackberries or just began gazing out the window. We did not get the […]

Your presentation is probably too long

“OUT OF CLUTTER FIND SIMPLICITY” – Einstein In the years that I have been coaching presentation there have been very few occasions when I have had to tell someone to “beef up” their presentation. More likely I’m advising clients to cut back and simplify. We’re sorely tempted as presenters to tell our audience every detail […]

The Steve Jobs secret to a relaxed presentation style

Steve Jobs was legendary for his product launch/sales pitch presentations and earned the reputation as the best CEO presenter in corporate America. Along with great content his audience enjoyed his easy going and conversational style. His presentations had an impromptu feel, as if he had just stepped out of Apple’s corporate offices to tell a […]

“But I don’t deliver sales presentations”

An objection I will often hear from sales people at a presentation workshop is: “I don’t deliver formal presentations, I just sell with conversations.” Many sales people are in a selling environment that is not conducive to a formal sales presentation. Maybe they are selling to a small business owner, or to a husband and […]

Are you a fast talker?

Whenever Steve got up to deliver an important sales presentation his adrenaline started pumping and he experienced one of the most common side effects – Steve was a fast talker. Some studies have actually shown that speaking fast boosts credibility with an audience as it signals confidence. But some speakers barely take a breath as […]