Your presentation can’t be all sizzle – content matters!

Many people make the case that when it comes to presentation delivery is all that really matters. Much of this philosophy is based on the misapplication of the famous Mahrabian study which concluded that 93% of all communication is non verbal. But Mehrabian’s study focused on a very narrow aspect of communication and he never […]

Don’t wait for Q&A – crush objections during your presentation

One of the best methods for handling objections is not to wait for the Q&A that follows your presentation. Research shows (Allen 1998) that an audience will find a two sided argument, one that presents both sides of an issue, very persuasive because they will find it very credible. In addition, you prevent the possibility […]

Presentation: Don’t just look confident – be confident

I was watching Superman – the Christopher Reeve version – with my six year old son. In one scene Clark Kent was in Lois Lane’s apartment waiting for her to get ready to go out for dinner. As he stood in her living room waiting for her he contemplated telling her his true identity. As […]

What’s wrong with persuasion?

A sales person was selling me a piece of exercise equipment and I said to her “I’m interested but you’re going to have to persuade my wife.” The sales woman recoiled as if I had suggested she commit a crime. “Oh I don’t persuade people” she said. Since I coach sales people on how to […]

Why should I listen to your presentation?

You’re presenting to a group, at least some of whom you’ve never met and your knowledge and expertise are important factors to that audience. There are three pieces of information you can use to build your credibility and help answer the question that is on all their minds: “why should I be listening to you?” […]

3 steps to hold attention with your next presentation

Years ago my sales manager and I were pursuing an account and were given the opportunity to present our offering to the key decision makers. A few minutes into my boss’s presentation some of those decision makers started checking their watches, their blackberries or just began gazing out the window. We did not get the […]

Yogi Berra and the Sales Presentation

I was coaching a small group on sales presentation and reviewing the agenda for the session with them when one young lady, referring to public speaking, announced “I can’t do this.” Soon after, as I walked them through the process of designing a sales presentation she reminded us all once again “I can’t do this.” She was […]

Why “Because” Is So Persuasive

Research shows that the word “because” is one of the most persuasive words in our culture. The reason is that when you use the word “because” you force yourself as a speaker to provide the audience with a reason for supporting your objective or agreeing to your request. This is based on research carried out […]

Desire for gain and fear of loss

Two of the most powerful psychological motivators are the fear of loss and the desire for gain. Knowing this can help us make our presentations powerful motivators as well. But before you design this type of presentation it helps to know which of these two motivators will actually influence your audience. And if we ask […]

Don’t Leave Them Guessing

Many presenters keep the audience guessing. I saw a presentation just a week ago and I can honestly say we were about halfway through before I really understood what services the speakers company offered. This is why part of your presentation opening should always include an introduction. Naturally, the introduction will vary based on the […]