Overcome the fear of public speaking

On Broadway the goal is perfection. Actors memorize every line, every gesture and every interaction. The director demands nothing less. The audience expects nothing less. I find that too many speakers head into their presentations placing similar expectations on themselves and as a result they feel a tremendous amount of pressure. The overwhelming fear that […]

Sales Presentation: this is how they’ll know your nervous

Sales trainer Jeffery Gitomer teaches that in a sales presentation “we are trying to gain the prospect’s trust by being likeable, believable and transferring confidence.” It is very difficult to achieve any of these things if you are communicating to the prospect that you are nervous and uncomfortable. Here are three ways that we tell […]

The customer took my power point away

I was preparing an important presentation. It was an annual review with a key client and there would be a new player involved on the customer side. A high level executive whom I had yet to meet and this would be his first exposure to our team. Once I had the content settled I went to […]