3 ways power point helps me on a sales call

Whenever I write a blog on power point I receive a percentage of comments that are some variation of “Why even bother with power point? A real sales person shouldn’t need slides!” While I admit that power point is an overused tool, I disagree that it should be dismissed all together. In fact, one of […]

The customer took my power point away

I was preparing an important presentation. It was an annual review with a key client and there would be a new player involved on the customer side. A high level executive whom I had yet to meet and this would be his first exposure to our team. Once I had the content settled I went to […]

Sales presentations and 3 power point mistakes

“It’s my own fault for using PowerPoint. PowerPoint is boring.”  Dwight Schrute, The Office Dwight Schrute, of the comedy series The Office, delivered an unsuccessful  presentation. A presentation that featured a power point loaded with bullet points. While many presentation coaches, and Dwight Schrute, would suggest that the problem with power point is bullet points, I disagree. I […]

Seth Godin’s slideathon won’t make a good sales presentation

I disagree with Seth Godin. I came across a blog Seth Godin had written suggesting that an effective way to separate yourself as a presenter is to use more power point slides. A lot more slides. In fact he proposes a slideathon with one slide every 12 seconds or so. To be fair, Seth goes on to […]