Don’t be too honest with your audience Part II

I spend a fair amount of time in my car so I listen to a lot of talk radio. In fact, I have noticed a direct correlation between my increasing age and the amount of AM radio I listen to. One aspect of talk radio is, of course, the callers. Ordinary people who dial in […]

That’s No Way to Practice a Sales Presentation

“If you don’t practice you don’t deserve to win.”  Andre Agassi  Does this sound familiar? You’re preparing a sales presentation with a colleague. You’ll be delivering the presentation together. When it comes time to practice he rolls through the slides stopping at each one and saying something like – “for this slide I’ll talk about revenue projections, for this slide […]

Fear and Public Speaking

A good friend, and wonderful speaker, called me not long ago just a few hours before a big presentation on Eleanor Roosevelt. “I’m feeling nervous about this one” she said “any words of advice?” “Yes” I said “just remember it’s not about you… it’s about Eleanor.” “Oh right” she said “thanks.” I’m often asked how […]