Robert FerrucciRob delivers a one hour seminar that walks professionals through the process of designing an effective presentation. As a result of Rob’s live instruction and detailed reference hand outs, attendees are able to repeat the process on their own and consistently design effective and persuasive presentations that will drive results.

Professionals will learn:

  • Why a persuasive presentation is key to success
  • The 9 steps to design a persuasive presentation
  • Research based techniques for making a presentation persuasive
  • How the persuasive presentation positions us to achieve the objective
  • How to practice for the important presentation
  • How an effective power point can be persuasive  
  • Overcoming presentation anxiety
  • Delivery skills that convey confidence     

The seminar is interactive as Rob is eager to take questions and give actual examples of the techniques that he teaches. The same techniques he uses in his own presentations.