Presentations Matter Even After the Sale is Closed

Many salespeople understand the importance of presentations skills to the sales process and, as a result, are willing to work hard to develop their presentations and their public speaking skills. But what about the importance of presentations after the sales is closed? Long after the sale is closed.

I have an account that’s been with my company for five years now as a client. The last step of the sales process to close that deal was – no surprise – a presentation. That presentation was a critical aspect of the sales process. But strong presentations since then have been critical in keeping the account.

Once a year, every year, we conduct a customer review. It begins with a power point presentation that covers what we’ve achieved over the past twelve months, what we can do better, a breakdown of the customer spend, etc.

The next portion of the meeting is followed by a conversation about the data shared in the presentation as well as setting goals for the next twelve months. But the tone is set by the presentation and the client expects to find valuable data that’s easily understood within that presentation.

It’s obvious to most salespeople that strong presentation skills are critical to success in the sales process. But it doesn’t end there. Presentation skills are just as critical in keeping those clients long after the deal is closed.

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