Don’t Leave Them Guessing

Many presenters keep the audience guessing. I saw a presentation just a week ago and I can honestly say we were about halfway through before I really understood what services the speakers company offered.

This is why part of your presentation opening should always include an introduction. Naturally, the introduction will vary based on the audience. For example, if you’re presenting to an audience of colleagues but not everyone is familiar with you be sure to tell that audience your title and your day to day responsibilities.

If on the other hand you’re presenting to prospective customers or an audience that doesn’t know you be sure to tell the audience exactly what your company offers.

This doesn’t need to be a long introduction. Thirty seconds or so will do. But it does need to be very precise. There should be no ambiguity in your introduction regarding who you are and or what it is that your company offers.

Jerry Weissman, renowned presentation coach, has said “don’t make the audience think.” I agree. If you are vague in the slightest about who you are and what your company offers then instead of listening to you your audience will be busy trying to figure out exacttly what it is that you do.

So don’t leave them guessing.

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