Desire for gain and fear of loss

Two of the most powerful psychological motivators are the fear of loss and the desire for gain. Knowing this can help us make our presentations powerful motivators as well. But before you design this type of presentation it helps to know which of these two motivators will actually influence your audience.

And if we ask enough questions we can find out what motivates an individual more – the fear of loss or the desire for gain.

For example, if in meeting with a key decision maker you can ask questions about their current situation, what is it about your solution that might be of interest to them, what would they change about their current situation if they could?

Then listen.

If they talk about things they want to accomplish, improvements they’d like to make and goals they might be able to achieve then they are motivated by the desire for gain.

On the other hand, if they talk about problems they’d like to avoid, issues they’d like to make go away, then they are motivated by the fear of loss.

It is the difference between moving towards goals versus moving away from problems and issues.

If you know which direction that key decision maker wants to move in it is all the easier to influence the audience.

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