Use a Six Sigma technique to create your sales presentation

In the six sigma process the method used to get to the core of any problem is to ask “why?” Once you identify a problem you continue to ask “why” until you get to the root of the issue. For example: Our revenue is down. Why? Because new customer acquisition is down. Why? Because our […]

A salesperson shouldn’t be the smartest person in the room

Step one in my nine step process for designing a persuasive sales presentation is to determine your objective. I find most salespeople spend precious little time thinking about how they want the prospect to think or act differently as a result of their presentation. A few years back I joined a gentleman on a sales […]

How do you avoid sounding “salesy” in your sales presentation?

The popular television show Taxi once featured an episode where Jim Ignatowski (Iggy) decided to become a door to door salesman and introduced himself with “Hello Mr. and Mrs. insert couple’s name here….” When I talk to sales people about the importance of planning and practicing their presentations many object and express their concern about […]


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How to deliver a sales presentation to an audience of one

A common objection from people who sell to a single decision maker is: “I sell one on one so I don’t deliver formal presentations. I sell with conversations.” Last week I was scheduled to sit down with a single decision maker to review my proposal. We had met previously three times and had discussed his […]

Try this exercise and develop a powerful presentation pause

Do you pause during your presentations? Or do you breathlessly deliver every word as fast as you can like a runaway locomotive (read about the fast talker here)? Or maybe you fill up every potential moment of silence with an “um” or a “you know” (read about that form of verbal abuse here)? Below is […]

When to stop your sales presentation

“Let me stop there” she said “are we on the right track?” Perfect, I thought. I’ve written in the past about the benefits of the monologue (here), it’s the competitive advantage that a sales person can develop as a result of laying out their persuasive case in an uninterrupted six or so minutes (more on how […]

3 ways to embed a sales presentation into your conversation

In my last blog post I wrote about why  you should embed a sales presentation in your conversations with prospects (you can read about it here). So this blog focuses on how  to embed a presentation in your next sales conversation. First, just as you do for a formal presentation, you should prepare an outline for your […]

Setting sales goals – the “Charlie Hustle” way

Pete Rose was known as “Charlie Hustle” for his work ethic on the baseball diamond. In his career Rose collected more hits, the record stands at 4256,  than anyone who has ever played major league baseball. But what’s interesting for us as sales professionals is how he accomplished that goal. In a word, it was […]

Clint Eastwood’s sales presentation

As a sales presentation coach I watch with great interest the political speeches at the conventions. Especially since these speeches are, in essence, persuasive sales presentations. While I thought there were a number of very good speeches at the recent Republican convention there was one in particular that has created more buzz than all the […]