Is your presentation worth delivering?

This happens somewhere every day. The boss says “I want you to take ten minutes at the next meeting and update the team on the big launch project.” As it turns out the “launch project” is on time and on budget so there isn’t much to talk to the team about. But you dutifully create […]

The secret to not looking like a nervous speaker

My previous blog was about how to spot a nervous speaker so today’s blog will be about the secret to not looking like a nervous speaker yourself. We’ve all seen speakers impacted by their adrenaline and as a result unable to control certain strange non-verbal idiosyncrasies. This can be anything from folding the arms and […]

How to spot a nervous speaker

We tend to do funny things with our bodies when we get up in front of a group of people to talk. Our adrenaline flow drives behavior that our audience may find odd or irritating or even suspicious.  All of which, of course, undermines our message and does damage to our credibility. It’s important to […]

The most common PowerPoint mistake of all time

Many mistakes are made when it comes to PowerPoint and more often than not the tool is used in ways that hurt more than help a presentation. But this blog is about the most common mistake you’ll see in the misuse of power point. I say that because I can honestly tell you that I’ve […]

Do these 3 things and you will never lose your audience

I was asked recently what a speaker can do if he feels he has lost the attention of his audience. But I answered the question this way: “What if I could guarantee you that you will never lose the attention of the audience to begin with?” These three steps will virtually guarantee that you never […]

Your presentation can’t be all sizzle – content matters!

Many people make the case that when it comes to presentation delivery is all that really matters. Much of this philosophy is based on the misapplication of the famous Mahrabian study which concluded that 93% of all communication is non verbal. But Mehrabian’s study focused on a very narrow aspect of communication and he never […]

Don’t wait for Q&A – crush objections during your presentation

One of the best methods for handling objections is not to wait for the Q&A that follows your presentation. Research shows (Allen 1998) that an audience will find a two sided argument, one that presents both sides of an issue, very persuasive because they will find it very credible. In addition, you prevent the possibility […]

Presentation: Don’t just look confident – be confident

I was watching Superman – the Christopher Reeve version – with my six year old son. In one scene Clark Kent was in Lois Lane’s apartment waiting for her to get ready to go out for dinner. As he stood in her living room waiting for her he contemplated telling her his true identity. As […]

What CEO’s and sales people have in common

In the 1990’s I was working for a large print manufacturing company that was considered “old economy.” Ink on paper was falling out of fashion fast and the board of directors decided to make a major change in the direction of the company. So they hired a new CEO. A digital print expert lured away […]

Actually, you can listen your way out of a sale

I’ve written in the past about certain industry clichés that drive me batty. One that I’ve heard a number of times recently is “I’ve never listened my way out of a sale.” As a presentation coach I hear this saying more often than most because there are a certain percentage of sales people who have […]