Your presentation can’t be all sizzle – content matters!

Many people make the case that when it comes to presentation delivery is all that really matters. Much of this philosophy is based on the misapplication of the famous Mahrabian study which concluded that 93% of all communication is non verbal. But Mehrabian’s study focused on a very narrow aspect of communication and he never […]

Don’t wait for Q&A – crush objections during your presentation

One of the best methods for handling objections is not to wait for the Q&A that follows your presentation. Research shows (Allen 1998) that an audience will find a two sided argument, one that presents both sides of an issue, very persuasive because they will find it very credible. In addition, you prevent the possibility […]

Your presentation is probably too long

“OUT OF CLUTTER FIND SIMPLICITY” – Einstein In the years that I have been coaching presentation there have been very few occasions when I have had to tell someone to “beef up” their presentation. More likely I’m advising clients to cut back and simplify. We’re sorely tempted as presenters to tell our audience every detail […]

Steve Jobs and the presentation

“The rule of three is one of the most important concepts in all of communication.”  Carmine Gallo   While it has become somewhat cliché to heap praise on Steve Jobs there is no way to deny his positive impact on presentation in corporate America. And his renowned keynotes and product launches are certainly to be considered […]

Does Practice Make Perfect in Public Speaking?

Practice makes perfect. Only when it comes to public speaking being perfect isn’t such a good idea. I saw a presentation recently by a gentleman who so impressed me with his descriptive language and vivid imagery. Every carefully crafted word was precisely selected and delivered. It was obvious that the speaker had not only spent […]

Yogi Berra and the Sales Presentation

I was coaching a small group on sales presentation and reviewing the agenda for the session with them when one young lady, referring to public speaking, announced “I can’t do this.” Soon after, as I walked them through the process of designing a sales presentation she reminded us all once again “I can’t do this.” She was […]

Can Anyone Become a Great Speaker?

Can anyone become a great speaker? Well actually, no. To give you an analogy, I could spend hours every day studying the greatest hitters in the history of baseball. I could go to the batting cage every day and get hitting instructions from Charlie Lau himself but I will never be a great hitter because […]

Don’t be too honest with your audience – Part I

Some speakers are very open and honest with their audience, maybe too honest. I saw a presentation recently by a gentleman who, about three quarters of the way through his speech, lost his place. Now we’ve all been there. You just blank and can’t remember what in the world comes next. What to do? Actually, […]

That’s No Way to Practice a Sales Presentation

“If you don’t practice you don’t deserve to win.”  Andre Agassi  Does this sound familiar? You’re preparing a sales presentation with a colleague. You’ll be delivering the presentation together. When it comes time to practice he rolls through the slides stopping at each one and saying something like – “for this slide I’ll talk about revenue projections, for this slide […]