Your presentation can’t be all sizzle – content matters!

Many people make the case that when it comes to presentation delivery is all that really matters. Much of this philosophy is based on the misapplication of the famous Mahrabian study which concluded that 93% of all communication is non verbal. But Mehrabian’s study focused on a very narrow aspect of communication and he never […]

Don’t wait for Q&A – crush objections during your presentation

One of the best methods for handling objections is not to wait for the Q&A that follows your presentation. Research shows (Allen 1998) that an audience will find a two sided argument, one that presents both sides of an issue, very persuasive because they will find it very credible. In addition, you prevent the possibility […]

Presentation: Don’t just look confident – be confident

I was watching Superman – the Christopher Reeve version – with my six year old son. In one scene Clark Kent was in Lois Lane’s apartment waiting for her to get ready to go out for dinner. As he stood in her living room waiting for her he contemplated telling her his true identity. As […]

Actually, you can listen your way out of a sale

I’ve written in the past about certain industry clichés that drive me batty. One that I’ve heard a number of times recently is “I’ve never listened my way out of a sale.” As a presentation coach I hear this saying more often than most because there are a certain percentage of sales people who have […]

What’s wrong with persuasion?

A sales person was selling me a piece of exercise equipment and I said to her “I’m interested but you’re going to have to persuade my wife.” The sales woman recoiled as if I had suggested she commit a crime. “Oh I don’t persuade people” she said. Since I coach sales people on how to […]

Use a Six Sigma technique to create your sales presentation

In the six sigma process the method used to get to the core of any problem is to ask “why?” Once you identify a problem you continue to ask “why” until you get to the root of the issue. For example: Our revenue is down. Why? Because new customer acquisition is down. Why? Because our […]

A salesperson shouldn’t be the smartest person in the room

Step one in my nine step process for designing a persuasive sales presentation is to determine your objective. I find most salespeople spend precious little time thinking about how they want the prospect to think or act differently as a result of their presentation. A few years back I joined a gentleman on a sales […]

How do you avoid sounding “salesy” in your sales presentation?

The popular television show Taxi once featured an episode where Jim Ignatowski (Iggy) decided to become a door to door salesman and introduced himself with “Hello Mr. and Mrs. insert couple’s name here….” When I talk to sales people about the importance of planning and practicing their presentations many object and express their concern about […]

Causation: A powerful technique for sales persuasion

Has your prospect ever asked you: “so, how will this work?” If so, they have just invited you to persuade them because causation equals persuasion. Research (Slusher & Anderson 1996) shows that delivering a causal argument, one that shows exactly how  one thing leads to another, is more persuasive than providing statistics. In other words […]

What if your prospect designed your sales presentation for you?

For many people the most difficult aspect of a presentation is writing it. Where to begin? What to include? What to leave out? How great would it be to have someone else write your presentation for you? How about having your prospect do it? I recently joined a sales representative on a call with the […]