Why should I listen to your presentation?

You’re presenting to a group, at least some of whom you’ve never met and your knowledge and expertise are important factors to that audience. There are three pieces of information you can use to build your credibility and help answer the question that is on all their minds: “why should I be listening to you?” […]

Your presentation is probably too long

“OUT OF CLUTTER FIND SIMPLICITY” – Einstein In the years that I have been coaching presentation there have been very few occasions when I have had to tell someone to “beef up” their presentation. More likely I’m advising clients to cut back and simplify. We’re sorely tempted as presenters to tell our audience every detail […]

Steve Jobs and the presentation

“The rule of three is one of the most important concepts in all of communication.”  Carmine Gallo   While it has become somewhat cliché to heap praise on Steve Jobs there is no way to deny his positive impact on presentation in corporate America. And his renowned keynotes and product launches are certainly to be considered […]

Persuasive Presentations

  “Rob delivers one of the most effective sales presentations I’ve ever seen.” -Former VP Sales, Fortune 500 Company   There are a very small number of elite sales professionals who can deliver a truly persuasive and compelling sales presentation.  The sales representative who can deliver a presentation that drives the prospect towards the close […]