Can Anyone Become a Great Speaker?

Can anyone become a great speaker? Well actually, no. To give you an analogy, I could spend hours every day studying the greatest hitters in the history of baseball. I could go to the batting cage every day and get hitting instructions from Charlie Lau himself but I will never be a great hitter because I simply don’t have that kind of ability. Similarly, we don’t all have the talent of a Tony Robbins, Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan. But the good news is we don’t need to be great speakers.

One of the most important reasons for developing presentation skills is to provide yourself with a differentiator, to separate yourself from your peers and your competitors in a significant way. But you don’t need to become a great speaker to accomplish this.

I’ve seen more than once the estimate that there are approximately 30 million presentations delivered every day. I have no idea how someone could calculate such a figure and I am highly skeptical of its validity, but suffice to say there are an awful lot of presentations given every single day. Based on your experience how many of those presentations are very good? Not great, but just good enough for you to be impressed with the speakers ability? I would guess it’s a small percentage.

So all that is required for you to distinguish yourself from the crowd is for you to become a good speaker. Not a great speaker, but a good speaker. Develop sound speech structure, with relevant content and combine it with lots of practice and that will be sufficient to distinguish yourself from the crowd.

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