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Does Practice Make Perfect in Public Speaking?

Practice makes perfect. Only when it comes to public speaking being perfect isn’t such a good idea. I saw a presentation recently by a gentleman who so impressed me with his descriptive language and vivid imagery. Every carefully crafted word was precisely selected and delivered. It was obvious that the speaker had not only spent […]

Yogi Berra and the Sales Presentation

I was coaching a small group on sales presentation and reviewing the agenda for the session with them when one young lady, referring to public speaking, announced “I can’t do this.” Soon after, as I walked them through the process of designing a sales presentation she reminded us all once again “I can’t do this.” She was […]

Why “Because” Is So Persuasive

Research shows that the word “because” is one of the most persuasive words in our culture. The reason is that when you use the word “because” you force yourself as a speaker to provide the audience with a reason for supporting your objective or agreeing to your request. This is based on research carried out […]

Seth Godin’s slideathon won’t make a good sales presentation

I disagree with Seth Godin. I came across a blog Seth Godin had written suggesting that an effective way to separate yourself as a presenter is to use more power point slides. A lot more slides. In fact he proposes a slideathon with one slide every 12 seconds or so. To be fair, Seth goes on to […]

A sales lesson I learned from Mad Men

I wrote this blog two years ago but with the new season of Mad Men starting this week it seemed appropriate to post it again.   If you’re a fan of the TV drama Mad Men you received a lesson in sales this past Sunday night. One of the main characters, Roger Sterling, is a partner at […]

Desire for gain and fear of loss

Two of the most powerful psychological motivators are the fear of loss and the desire for gain. Knowing this can help us make our presentations powerful motivators as well. But before you design this type of presentation it helps to know which of these two motivators will actually influence your audience. And if we ask […]

Can Anyone Become a Great Speaker?

Can anyone become a great speaker? Well actually, no. To give you an analogy, I could spend hours every day studying the greatest hitters in the history of baseball. I could go to the batting cage every day and get hitting instructions from Charlie Lau himself but I will never be a great hitter because […]

Don’t Leave Them Guessing

Many presenters keep the audience guessing. I saw a presentation just a week ago and I can honestly say we were about halfway through before I really understood what services the speakers company offered. This is why part of your presentation opening should always include an introduction. Naturally, the introduction will vary based on the […]

Presentations Matter Even After the Sale is Closed

Many salespeople understand the importance of presentations skills to the sales process and, as a result, are willing to work hard to develop their presentations and their public speaking skills. But what about the importance of presentations after the sales is closed? Long after the sale is closed. I have an account that’s been with […]