Robert Ferrucci

In 2004, after having spent 12 years in sales, I accepted an offer from a print management company to take on an undeveloped sales territory. While this challenge was exciting it was also a little scary (print management has a notoriously long sales cycle) and to be honest, I didn’t feel my current skills were up to the task. But, determined to develop this zero base territory, and recognizing that I needed to bring my skills to the next level, I began a formal and intense study of public speaking and persuasive presentation skills.

As a result of this study and the development of my presentations skills I was able to post positive revenue growth for nine of eleven years with six of those years being either double or triple digit growth.

Realizing the terrific competitive edge that came as a result of persuasive presentation skills I developed both a one hour seminar and workshop designed to teach professionals the research proven techniques that make a presentation compelling and persuasive.

There are many “keys” to success but there may be no differentiator that is more important, or more rare, than the ability to design and deliver an effective and persuasive business presentation. Please get in touch to learn how to turn this all important skill into a competitive advantage.

Contact me today to find out more: 203-482-4777 [email protected]

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