3 steps to “speak to the eyes” in your sales presentation

“In order to be understood,  we must first speak to the eyes”    Napolean

One of the challenges of delivering a sales presentation is making eye contact with the audience. Sometimes a sales person will not make eye contact with the audience because of nervousness or because the sales person is reading from their power point slide.

In our culture if you’re not making eye contact with someone they will not trust you and if people don’t trust you it is impossible to persuade them.

So how we can be sure to make strong eye contact with the prospect while delivering our sales presentation?

3 steps to "speak to the eyes" in your sales presentation

3 steps to “speak to the eyes” in your sales presentation

 Firstly, we can practice. When we practice our sales presentation we should get up in an empty room and deliver that presentation out loud as if it’s the real thing. As we do that we should make eye contact with the empty chairs in the room. As you’re speaking focus on one chair for a few seconds then move to the next and so on. As you do this you’re developing the habit of focusing your eye contact in one place just long enough make a connection and then moving on to the next person.   

Next, know your content well. If you know your content and have practiced your presentation then you won’t need to read your power point slides to the audience. Your power point slides should enhance your presentation but they should not be a teleprompter.

Finally, make believe the person you’re making eye contact with is the only person in the room and have a one-on-one conversation with that person for a few seconds before moving on to your next one-on-one conversation. This will help you to have a more conversational presentation style and may reduce nervousness as well.

There are lots factors that go into a successful sales presentation but one of the foundations is to “speak to the eyes.”

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